We sell first rate custom created seat covers that shield the interior of your car and provide a little flair. Covers & Camo sells seat covers in an array of styles and added choices for those with outdoor hobbies. Our custom seat covers will enhance the appearance your top-of-the-line truck or SUV. We're confident that your truck's seat covers will not move from your specific seat types because they are laser cut to fit snugly. All our seat covers are made in the U.S. and constructed from resilient materials that stand up to regular use. We aim to make very appealing seat covers that will safeguard your seats from mud, liquids or damage and look good for many years to come.

When you buy seat covers from Covers & Camo, you can customize them to accomodate your individual requirements and you're in luck because we have plenty of options. Your individuality can show through and improve the performance of your truck's seats. Whether you want vinyl, combination material seat covers or ones made from two-tone fabric, we have a plethora of color schemes to select from. We also carry a line of seat covers with camo prints and exotic patterns that appeal to dirvers who enjoy recreational outdoor pursuits. In addition, we offer made-to-order tactical options for your custom seat covers. We can add further customizable choices to our Dura EZ-Care and camo seat covers with the addition of our Special OPS package. Covers & Camo has an exclusive pistol holster, pistol pocket, and Molle pockets can be added to any fabric choice from our selection.

IIf you have a new , and want to infuse your individuality into it or an older SUV or truck that could use a little TLC, our high-quality custom seat covers are exactly what you need. Call us at 435-789-2270 to answer your questions or to begin your custom seat cover purchase.

Custom Seat Covers for Chevy Colorado